Please download the MVI mercury detector brochure and watch our MVI video

See the benefits of MVI by watching our short video!

See the benefits of MVI for fast,accurate detection of mercury vapours, by watching our short video:

MVI mercury detector UK V1.0


Why choose MVI?

The Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) is a revolutionary instrument accurately detecting hazardous mercury vapours in just 3 seconds!

The instrument’s unique advantage is its dual beam UV absorption technology and ability to measure high concentrations of mercury without saturating; requiring no regeneration between readings, eliminating downtime.

MVI provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges: 0.1 to 200 and 1.0 to 1999 microgram/cubic meMVI mercury detector overview 50 reducedter, ideal for time weighted average (TWA) monitoring

MVI key features for ultimate safety:

  • Fast 3 second response.
  • Range: 0.1 - 200 & 1.0 - 1999 microgram / cubic meter.
  • Fast indication and recovery.
Download your free copy of the MVI brochure, to find out more information on how the ION Science MVI, detecting mercury vapours in just 3 seconds, can provide you with ultimate safety for your workforce!

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