Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies use gases in a wide range of applications across all stages of the production chain. 

Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies use many variants of gas and chemicals – from high purity gases in the laboratory to process gases in production processes such as chemical synthesis, sterilisation gases and gases to grow biological cultures. Research, development, production and quality control laboratories all use gas-consuming analytical instruments such as gas or liquid chromatographs, nuclear magnetic resonances or mass spectrometry.

Checking for leaks within analytical laboratory equipment promotes good laboratory practice and preventative maintenance offers a number of benefits including; improvements to analytical performance, minimising troubleshooting, and the prevention prevents damage to columns and sensitive detectors.

Download our guide 'Leak Detection In Biotechnology Laboratories' to find out more about the potential dangers and the impact Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in particular, have within laboratory environments.

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'Leak Detection In Biotechnology Laboratories'