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See the benefits of Tiger Select benzene detector by watching our short video!

See the benefits of Tiger Select benzene detector and its unique PID technology, by watching our short video:

Tiger select handheld benzene detector UK V1.0

Why choose Tiger Select?

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The Tiger Select is a revolutionary hand-held gas detector for the rapid, accurate detection of benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs).

Tiger Select can be operated either with a benzene pre-filter tube to detect benzene selectively, or without to detect Total Aromatic Compounds.

PID sensor incorporates both humidity resistant technology and anti-contamination design for extended operation in difficult working environments.

Tiger Select's key features for ultimate safety:

  • Selectively detects benzene with Ion Science benzene pre-filter tube.
  • Unrivalled sensitivity detects down to ppb levels.
  • Anti-contamination design for extended field operation.
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