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See the benefits of CubTAC personal benzene VOC detector by watching our short video!

See the benefits of CubTAC for the accurate detection of total aromatic compounds (TACs), including benzene, by watching our short video:

Cub personal VOC detector UK V1.0

Why choose CubTAC?

CubTAC comes with all the benefits of the Cub personal VOC detector but has a 10.0 eV lamp utilising a unique light filtering technology to give a reliable aromatic hydrocarbon concentration.
Cub TAC VOC detector 1.2 key features 100 res

CubTAC has a dynamic range of 0 to 5000 parts per million (ppm), with its market leading ppb sensitivity

When worker exposure exceeds pre-set limits the instrument’s audible, vibrating and flashing LED alarms alert you to the gases present. Readings are displayed in ppb and ppm on its bright, back-lit LCD display with selectable ata logging time.

CubTac key features for ultimate safety:

  • Unrivalled sensitivity detects down to ppb levels.
  • Widest range detecting gases 0 to 5,000 ppm.
  • Long battery life (16 hours) for maximum uptime.
  • Anti-contamination design for extended field operation.
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